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Automated Probation Solution

"Our Technology Advantage "

Monitor and Manage Low-Risk Offenders for Free!

A fully automated, low-risk offender reporting service, Call Track® – a FREE solution for your probation agency – provides automated monthly reporting, reducing the time you spend monitoring low-risk offenders, while providing offenders a simple, affordable way of reporting to you.

Call Track® collects all information required of offenders with questions tailored specifically to your agency’s needs. Call Track® records phone and address changes and maintains a history of all calls made, while verifying the identity

and location of calling parties, depending on their phone type.

Schedule offenders to monthly reporting in the Call Track® system. Remind offenders of missed call dates. Experience the benefits of e-mail alert notification, multiple question set capability and easy access to reports.

Call Track® can be used as a stand-alone service, yet works seamlessly with DSI-ITI, LLC. ’s Case Management System.

Call Track® is easily altered to meet your needs and is the best low-risk offender reporting service available.

Call Track® is Free

Call Track® is free for Adult Probation and Parole departments. Probationers and Parolees incur a low monthly fee for use of the service. Additional charges may apply for services including offender notification for failure to report.

Call Track® provides offenders with payment options including major credit cards, checks, money orders, Western Union, MoneyGram and a forthcoming Internet payment plan, making it easy for offenders to benefit from this time saving, convenient system.

Features and Capabilities

  • Monitor low-risk offenders at no charge to your agency
  • Experience ease of enrollment
  • Customize the service to meet your needs
  • Experience the benefits of automated reporting
  • Leave messages for offenders
  • Receive e-mail alert notification
  • Remind offenders of missed call dates
  • Easily select reports
  • Offer offenders a toll-free call service