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Inmate Telephone Provider Bankruptcy Provides Both Challenge and Opportunity.


Altoona, Pennsylvania – October 29, 2009 -  The Sauk County Law Enforcement Center recently got a new inmate telephone provider a few years ahead of schedule.  The impending bankruptcy and closure of their existing inmate phone provider, D.C. Telesystems, LLC. left the Sauk County, Wisconsin correctional facility with just under 30 days to find a new provider and have a new system installed.

“We quickly realized we had less than 30 days to change providers,” said Captain Michael Hafemann, Jail Administrator for Sauk County.  “We had to find someone who could be installed in less than a month.  We did not want to interrupt the service to the jail- that would only make the inmates harder to handle.”

Captain Hafemann contacted Digital Solutions / Inmate Telephone, Inc. (DSI / ITI), the runner up from the previous inmate telephone contract.  “I had really liked the service that DSI could provide, so the question became whether or not they could get a system up and running in time,” said Captain Hafemann.  “We had been contacted by many other vendors, but none could promise to have us functional by the end of the month.  DSI said they could.”  

Digital Solutions / Inmate Telephone, Inc. received the contract August 8th and compressed what is normally a two month process into just eighteen days.  “They (the DSI / ITI technicians) were there before I arrived at 8 a.m. and there after I left at 4:30 p.m.- I was very impressed with their hard work,” said Captain Hafemann.  “Working with them (DSI / ITI) was a very positive, very pleasant experience.”

Digital Solutions / Inmate Telephone, Inc. completed installation of the new inmate calling system on August 25, five days before the old system was scheduled to be turned off.  “No one else would promise to have a system installed by the end of the month,” said Captain Hafemann.  “I was very pleasantly surprised.  They (DSI / ITI) keep the promises they make.”


About Digital Solutions / Inmate Telephone, Inc.


Established in 1984 in Altoona, Pennsylvania, Digital Solutions Incorporated (DSI) is a privately held technology company that specializes in automating corrections agencies.  Its sister company, Inmate Telephone Incorporated (ITI), was founded in 1994 to create and maintain state-of-the-art inmate phone systems for correctional facilities.

More than twenty five years of successful implementations in over four hundred agencies has enabled DSI / ITI to become the leading provider of software solutions to the corrections industry.  The company attributes much of their success to the practice of involving users in the design phases of the application development process - input that is critical in enabling the company to continually improve, while building a sense of ownership among the communities they serve.

For more company news and information visit http://www.dsiiti.comNews_and_Events.shtml 

The DSI / ITI corporate web site can be found at http://www.dsiiti.com

This article was also distributed through PRWeb.



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Digital Solutions / Inmate Telephone, Inc.

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