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Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office makes arrest after using information from jail management system.



Offender Management System assists in criminal investigation.


Altoona, Pennsylvania – April 1, 2010 – When conducting an investigation, being able to quickly gather data can mean the difference between making an arrest and having a suspect on the streets, possibly committing more crimes.  With help from their new Offender Management System, the Salt Lake County, Utah Sheriff’s Office Corrections Bureau was able to quickly retrieve information from their database and provide a lead to the detectives who were investigating a serious crime. 

During the summer of 2009, the Sheriff’s Office was investigating a crime with very little information available to assist them in solving it.  The detectives who were working the case turned to the Corrections Bureau for help.  Armed with a brief physical description of the suspect, the detectives followed their normal routine and asked the Corrections Bureau to query their records in the jail management system. Instead of contacting the Information Services staff to perform a database query, the Corrections Bureau decided to utilize the newly purchased Offender Management System to perform the task. 

The Corrections Divisions Computer Liaison Sergeant, who was in a training session being held for the new Offender Management System, took the information and ran it against the corrections bureau’s converted data that was being used for training and testing purposes.  Using the suspect’s height, weight, age range and a partial description of a tattoo, the Sergeant ran a query against the new system.

Using the limited information, the query yielded a pool of 238 possible matches of current or former inmates.  From those query results, a photo lineup was created and the sergeant was able to narrow down the potential offenders to two very likely suspects.  Printouts of the two were made and handed off to the Detective Division.  The detectives identified one of the potential suspects as a “person of interest” based on his place of residence being within a two block radius of the crime scene.  Upon investigation, an arrest warrant was issued and the suspect was arrested shortly thereafter.

“It was very gratifying to us that even before Go-Live implementation; the OMS was already being successfully utilized as an investigative tool and was of great value in solving a crime in short order” said Captain Richard Church, of the Salt Lake County Corrections Bureau. “This search was conducted during a training class to prepare the jail staff in using the OMS. They quickly learned firsthand just how easy it was to use and the types of information that could be extracted for use by other divisions and agencies. Our efforts to preserve and convert all possible existing data from our previous system paid off by making this information readily available.”

The Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office awarded Digital Solutions / Inmate Telephone, Inc. (DSI / ITI) a contract to install and implement their industry leading Offender Management System at the Corrections Bureau in 2008.

In November 2009, the Offender Management System (OMS) was placed into production at the Corrections Bureau of the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s office.  The Detective Division and Patrol Precincts, along with other local law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, now have the capability to export data directly from OMS without contacting the Corrections Bureau for assistance.  This ability not only provides for quicker investigations by investigators, but ensures that corrections officers can conduct their responsibilities both safely and efficiently.

Captain Church also elaborated on how the OMS will improve their experience. “This product is aptly named, at least in our case. The monumental change from a text based, mainframe database system was like night and day. While we previously used a system that was written in-house to preserve all relevant prisoner management data, it had extremely limited provisions for reporting and data extraction, which required a few staff with specialized tools and talent to facilitate that analysis. Now, the system is accessible by anyone with a computer, whether on or off-site, allowing for remote bookings by mobile data terminals, instant reporting at crime and major incident scenes, and easy access to all of the previous data to any authorized persons. Even the public now has easier access to more information than ever before, including prisoner images.”

For those interested in learning more about inmate telephone services or software designed specifically for the corrections industry, visit the Digital Solutions / Inmate Telephone, Inc.’s website at http://www.dsiiti.com, or contact Mr. Thomas Brence by calling 888.222.3081.

About Salt Lake County Jail

The mission of the Salt Lake County Jail is to protect the public through the booking and detention of individuals who pose a danger to society, provide humane care to those incarcerated and facilitate programs which will assist them in avoiding future criminal activity.


About Digital Solutions / Inmate Telephone, Inc.


Established in 1984 in Altoona, Pennsylvania, Digital Solutions Incorporated (DSI) is a privately-held technology company that specializes in automating corrections agencies.  Its sister company, Inmate Telephone Incorporated (ITI), was founded in 1994 to create and maintain state-of-the-art inmate phone systems for correctional facilities.

More than twenty five years of successful implementations in over four hundred agencies has enabled DSI / ITI to become the leading provider of software solutions to the corrections industry.  The company attributes much of their success to the practice of involving users in the design phases of the application development process - input that is critical in enabling the company to continually improve, while building a sense of ownership among the communities they serve.

For more company news and information visit http://www.dsiiti.comNews_and_Events.shtml 

The DSI / ITI corporate web site can be found at http://www.dsiiti.com

This article was also distributed through PRWeb.



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Digital Solutions / Inmate Telephone, Inc.

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