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Offender Communication System (OCS) TIP Certified Program

Offender Communication System (OCS) is the most configurable, state of the art inmate phone system available in the market today. Through superior engineering, we have built a phone system that does more than simply permit an inmate to make phone calls. Our system was designed to integrate directly into your existing network, giving anyone with the appropriate authorization the ability to access the application from the comfort of their own office. In fact, our phone systems can be networked together to support a complex of facilities across an entire country. Even better, we have built the system from the very beginning as an application that can be managed over the internet. Every function that is available from your desk is now available to you no matter where you are!

Features of our OCS system include:
  • Internet Ready Accessibility
  • Commissary by Phone
  • Multiple Facility Functionality
  • Inmate Sick Call
  • Call Recording
  • Debit Calls
  • Call Monitoring
  • Online Bill Payment
  • Customized Call Alerts
  • Family Payment Options
  • Individual and Group Profiles
  • Touch Screen Self-Service Kiosk Available
  • Language Support
  • Facility Specific Scheduling
  • Special Inmate Services
  • Call Blocking

I am a Sheriff, a Warden, or a Jail Administrator.


I am an IT Specialist.


I am a corrections officer, investigator, or a civilian staff member.


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Family & Friends:

Create and manage phone and commissary accounts online 24 X 7

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