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OffenderConnect Services TIP Certified Program

How much time do your corrections officers spend everyday taking commissary account deposits from inmates' family members? Whether it’s ten minutes or ten hours, it’s too much time. For the facility, having corrections staff take monetary payments can be a hassle and a security risk. What if you could eliminate the need for correctional staff to handle deposits and eliminate the need to manually enter a record of the deposits into your computer system? What if you could improve inmate morale by constantly having their commissary accounts filled and ready to be spent?

OffenderConnect is a service to enhance the inmate telephone experience.  Inmate family and friends can utilize the web, phone or kiosks to deposit funds onto inmate accounts.  The OffenderConnect.com website allows you to create, manage and close accounts all from the comfort of your own computer and has advanced account management features to allow users to handle most tasks without having to speak with a customer service representative.  The OffenderConnect Call-Center has an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to provide access to many account tools through your phone and the OffenderConnect Call-Center has friendly customer service representatives available weekdays during normal business hours (Eastern and Central Time Zones). The OffenderConnect Kiosk can take cash or credit card deposits from an inmate’s family and friends and place it automatically into either the inmate’s commissary account or an account used for the inmate to place phone calls. The OffenderConnect Kiosk can be placed in your visitation area, your lobby, or anywhere else that inmates' family and friends will encounter it. The ultimate goal of the OffenderConnect Kiosk is to reduce the burden on your staff while providing superior customer service for the end-user.

When any amount of money is taken into a facility, security is always a risk. The OffenderConnect Kiosk has an advanced locking mechanism that will track who has accessed the cash deposit bin. This will eliminate any risk of fraud as a security audit trail will be developed for your facility.


Features of the OffenderConnect Kiosk include:

  • Heavy-Duty Protective Enclosure
  • Convenient Cash Deposit Option
  • Credit-Card Deposit Option
  • Advanced Locking Mechanism
    • Provides Safety, Security and an Audit Trail
  • Easy to Navigate Touch Screen


Press Release: Read how adding an OffenderConnect Kiosk helped both family members and correctional workers at Montgomery County Correctional Facility.